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June 2017, Contest Winner of the International Federation of Teachers of French, as well as Nora Lwegado and James Nyagetiria, two teachers of French winners of the contest of Twittérature organized by our services. Mwenesi gives a talk to Kenya High School 2016 KCSE candidates about the importance and usefulness of good knowledge of French in particular and languages in general.

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However it is so incredibly unfortunate how children pay the most in the end.At times people tend to judge when you are single but before anyone judges, let’s look at how things are.People these days think it is better to be in abusive marriage than be in a happy relationship.Athletes most often receive selection for their performances in these races, although the national governing body may opt to send athletes on their form outside of this race.A short race for senior men and women was also present on the championships' one-day programme between 19, as short races were contested at the annual world championships during this period.

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