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And yet, more than 50 percent of them have only had 2 days or less of sex education.

Previously, live webcams transmitted static shots from cameras aimed through windows or at coffee pots.

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Almost 40 percent of teens have seen porn by the time they’re 14 years old.There are ways to tackle rogue photos and videos of yourself online, and ways to avoid getting into the situation in the first place. You may feel ashamed, but it’s important to tell someone what’s happened. Only the person who breached your privacy and trust should feel ashamed of their behaviour. Even someone keeping them on their phone/computer counts as ‘possession,’ and texting it to a mate or posting it online counts as ‘distribution’. “It’s hard to prove you were definitely over 18 when a photo or video was made.This is a deeply distressing thing to go through, and you shouldn’t go through it alone. If you can bear to, tell your parents or a trusted friend – whoever you feel most comfortable confiding in. These are serious crimes with hefty jail sentences. Therefore, it’s worth contacting the site directly and claiming the images are child pornography – even if they weren’t,” says Jennifer Perry, an e-crime expert.Found out someone you trusted has shared naked photos or videos of you online? However these images got online, you’re not to blame.You may be panicking and feel utterly betrayed, but there are some practical steps you can take to get them taken down. You’re a victim of bullying, and you’re also a victim of crime – revenge porn.

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