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When she suggested that we meet a week and a half later, I mentioned something like, “I’m going to have to wait a week and a half to see you again?

” Keep in mind as well that she’s relatively new to the site, having signed up about a month ago, but she was the one who initially contacted me on the site.

The first step is to decide whether you actually need to send a formal thank you note, or if an informal verbal thanks will do.

Here are some of the instances when a written note is more appropriate: The truth is, you can send a thank you note whenever you feel it’s appropriate.

Perhaps your own immediate family does not send birthday cards. There may be people in the significant other’s family that start sending you a birthday card each year.

If you are moved by this, by all means, send a thank you note card. A follow-up thank you note could be used a networking opportunity.

Too often, people know they should write a thank you note, but they put it off because they either think it will take too much time or they don't know what to say--or both.

A well-written thank you note will take just a few minutes to write if you follow this step-by-step guide.

Now, I understand how someone can easily book 7 dates for each night of the week, and I’m not implying that she did that.

While an informal “thanks” sent via email or text is fine for the little stuff, you should use pen and paper to express gratitude for gifts, events, and certain acts of kindness.

Knowing the right etiquette can help you understand when a recipient should get a card or letter, or if a verbal thanks is enough.

To write a thank you note, follow these seven steps: 1. You will need proper stationery or plain note cards, a pen and a postage stamp.

Don't even think about doing this in an e-mail or just scribbling something on a piece of notebook paper. Since this is a thank you note, offer your sincere appreciation for the gift, favor or entertainment, explaining why the gift was appropriate.

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