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In young adult (YA) as well as adult romance novels. Very few single girls can muster up the courage to refuse to meet or talk to their fiancé after the engagement, even though their shyness might entice them to. A young man is allowed to visit his to-be in-laws’ home, where his fiancé is allowed (if not coerced) by her parents to spend time with him alone.Put these two together and give them their period of halal dates (What that is, we'll figure out in the story) and you have 11 days of Halal Dating just a click away.A story that promotes and teaches love, the halal way, as the right and contemporary thing to choose.She used to often see girls dating guys before marriage and she knew she would never be in their place since the site itself ignited the haraam police in her mind.So after going through something she wasn't quite accepting of, she gets fixed with a man who she had never in the wildest of dreams thought would be her husband. A watered down form of dating that is allowed by the elders of most Eastern cultures and societies, is when a young couple that is engaged to be married with their families’ consent, is allowed to meet each other in a controlled environment before the wedding. In Eastern cultures, on the other hand, dating is usually not accepted socially.

To those of you who know me as the writer of ' BM3- A Muslim Love Story' then I'd like to thank you for giving this story a chance. x D I hope we have an amazing journey with this story :) ❤ ------------------------------------------- This is a work of fiction.But one couple says solutions can be found through what's called halal dating. This is because of the pressure on them to do everything according to the demands of their fiancé and his family, since in most Eastern cultures, the groom’s family is allowed to hold more sway and control in all wedding proceedings. Many a fictitious love story has brought in thousands if not millions of sales… Dating. In young adult (YA) as well as adult romance novels. The same societies, however, frown upon and deem it illegal for single boys and girls under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity, yet allow them to engage in parentally sanctioned dating.I have a confession to make: I am a huge romantic comedy junkie.

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