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I believe that because it has become so easy to find, talk to, and meet up with someone, there is little risk involved and therefore less effort to create real connection.You meet up with someone to make small talk for a few hours hoping to convince them that you are a fascinating, charming person. Do you have any physical features that you try to cloak or hide? Do you have any personal rituals for the end of the year?

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Did you ever wonder why you were being asked so many questions while setting up your profile?

These questions create the dating algorithms that some believe will increase your chances of finding a better match.

At the recent Internet Dating Conference (i Date) in Las Vegas, I had the chance to speak with writer Dan Slater about his new book, As an online dating executive, I've read the book from cover-to-cover before interviewing Slater. Q: What inspired you to write a book about online dating?

As the calendar inches closer to Valentine's Day, I know that you have many choices with the thousands of online dating sites that have popped up in recent years.

Perhaps you'll select one that you've viewed on television showing the happy success couples.

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