Parent advice on teenage dating

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Susan is shocked as she picks up her seven-year-old daughter at school and sees her holding hands with a boy. ” Susan asks her daughter as she gets into the car. “Yeah mom, we’ve been dating for three days now and I think we’re in love. She unfolds it and sees that it’s a note that a boy named Bobby was supposed to receive, but never did.

“Oh, that’s my boyfriend, Robert” her daughter replies. Kelly folds it back up and sets it on her daughter’s dresser.

Sometimes your peacetime positionings can be the most vital moves of all...

And finally, some morale-boosters (to cut out and keep) However visionary and brilliant your teen-taming manoeuvres, there will come a moment (or maybe several dozen) when it all blows up – and you fear all is lost.

Her daughter, blushing bright red now, explains that he’s “just a friend”.

Kelly doesn’t bring it up the rest of the night, but wonders if there is anything serious between Bobby and her daughter.

There isn’t a magic verse of Scripture that will fix all your problems.

One of the toughest roles anyone can have in today’s culture is that of a single parent.

It’s hard enough to rear a child, especially a teenager, with two parents; but with one the burdens and pressures and problems multiply. But more than praise for the difficulty of their task, I know from talking to so many of them that they need someone to walk with them and encourage them.

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Her work has been published in several publications, both online and offline, including "The Herald," "The Big Issue" and "Daily Record.""Breaking up is hard to do," sang Neil Sedaka back in 1962, and he was absolutely right.

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