Parker shotgun dating

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It was a 67' catalogue, but I would like to find out more info.

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To help you with this I have listed the serial number & year manufactured. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS. Serial numbers available for research begin at 1500, according to PGCA stock book charts. PGCA records are copies of the Remington research files.Been looking at all the differnet parts and it does look like a T but could be a 1 or maybe a 7. I think I will try calling the remington arms company in NY.Without the model and serial number, there is no way to know what you have.Send me the model and serial number and I'll try to date it. I no longer have them but in the late '80s I bought three new P-H rifles.

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