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All of this has led to huge changes in the dating game.Most of the men are lost as to what to do and what not to do and some men are just egoistic and do whatever they want to.Seen so many changes like acceptance of diferent people on a larger basis than it was in the previous century and one of the most important changes that are coming about very slowly from the 19century is the empowerment of women.It’s an overused topic, but then again women are more independent and empowered than they were in the previous centuries.” The right man for you won’t be intimidated by an independent, successful woman, either.But, if men always feel like you’re squeezing them into your calendar, they may keep looking for someone who does have the time for them.

I am fully committed to my partner when I'm in a relationship.But, I am also frequently surrounded by other people, both in business and social settings (including other men). Plus, I have several male friends who call, text, and visit me. When we’re together, I’m fully present, I savor every minute, and I’m already looking forward to our next encounter.You can’t feel threatened by my interactions with other men. But, I also really enjoy devoting time to my work, being with my loved ones, and spending time alone, and I relish being able to fill my day with a variety of experiences that bring me joy.And as you might expect, independent women are interested in confident, secure men who understand us.And, more importantly, celebrate us for who we are.

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